Is Jalupro treatment safe?

Jalupro is a modern intradermal injectable treatment for skin revitalization. Is Jalupro treatment safe? The drug is safe and hypoallergenic, highly effective and biologically compatible with the tissues of the human body. There are no side effects during application of the drug.

Jalupro for skin rejuvenation

In the practice of modern cosmetology more and more often used drugs based on hyaluronic acid, showing stunning results in the restoration of female attractiveness. Often used in the form of meso-injections, these modern medical formulations are designed to restore skin elasticity and normal tone, they are effective for smoothing expression lines and age wrinkles, eliminating dryness, and the effects of couperose disease. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural component of connective, epithelial and nervous tissue, preparations based on it are easily tolerated by the body, have no side effects after use and do not tend to lead to allergic reactions. 

One of the latest formulations developed by the Italian company Professional Dietetics is Jalupro injections, used in cosmetic clinics and beauty salons for biorevitalization procedures. It is noteworthy that the complex is in demand not only in cosmetology, but also in ophthalmology, dentistry and microsurgery, where it is used as an agent that accelerates scarring and wound healing.

The amino acid complex acts as a functional cluster, which due to its stereometric orientation is integrated at the molecular level into the cellular process of collagen synthesis – the protein responsible for maintaining the strength and elasticity of cell walls. Directly hyaluronic acid in subcutaneous injections is a component of the extracellular matrix that supports the processes of transition of protein components in the biochemistry of collagen synthesis.

The effectiveness of the drug is such that by starting the processes of restoration of elasticity, the complex normalizes collagen formation. That is why it is customary to speak of the prolonged action of the product. On a practical level, this peculiarity makes it possible to carry out the therapy rarely, because the effect lasts for several months.

The drug components, although synthesized in the laboratory, are completely identical in their structure and spatial form with the organic substances contained in the various tissues of the human body. Therefore, there are few contraindications to the use of Jalupro. Due to its ability to accelerate scarring processes, this drug can be prescribed as supportive therapy after plastic surgery or other surgical interventions for aesthetic purposes.

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