Is Jalupro a Botox?

Biorevitalization procedure is one of the most demanded among the residents of megapolises. The procedure is aimed at restoring turgor, elasticity and tone inherent in healthy young skin. Its popularity is due to its ability to effectively solve such problems as an unhealthy complexion, to fight against couperose, pigmentation, to provide long-term protection of the skin from damage by free radicals. Is Jalupro a Botox? No, this type of product consists of natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid injections – this substance is found in all living tissues – relieve the skin on the face, hands, d├ęcolletage and neck from a whole list of aesthetic problems, significantly slowing down age-related changes. If you decide to take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern injectable cosmetology, turn to specialists of expert level. Jalupro biorevitalization can help you become a few years younger. 

Natural revival of the skin with Jalupro

A unique dermal filler Jalupro is a development of reputable European scientists (Italy). The effectiveness of this agent is quite high. As a result, the skin tightens, restores lost tone, and gains elasticity. Jalupro biorevitalization (subcutaneous injections) is indicated for age-related reduction of elasticity (wrinkles, ptosis, dehydration). The new method of rejuvenation is also used to restore the epidermis after traumatic surgery on the face, active tanning, as well as for dramatic weight fluctuations.

The reason for the loss of tone, thinning, dehydration is a decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid in the tissues, which can be caused not only by natural aging, but also by aggressive factors accompanying us in everyday life: bad habits, unbalanced diet, excessive UV radiation, stress, lack of rest, sleep, etc. The composition of JaluPro is a perfectly balanced ratio of hyaluronic acid, proline, glycine, lysine and other amino acids, sodium hyaluronate. The product stimulates neocollagenesis, increases the functional activity of keratinocytes and own fibroblasts, providing a longer-lasting rejuvenating effect.

Biorevitalization with jalupro, performed by a certified physician, accelerates resorption of scars (not only on the neck, face, but also in the abdominal area, in the suprapubic area, on the hips, shoulders, hands) and promotes rapid tissue healing. But such preparations are not Botox, because in fact, it is even more suitable for body recovery.

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