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Trick Your Child into Eating Healthier Food

17 May Posted in Active Lifestyle, Health

Balanced nutrition for children means providing the nutritional requirements for children by giving them good healthy food in the amounts adjusted to their age and development stages. In order to have healthy childhood eating habits the mother needs to cook more meals at home, get kids involved, limit portion sizes and have regular family meals. The mother must not insist that her children finish all the food that is served on the plate. She must teach the children to listen to their bodies’ needs. Here are the main types of food that a meal can be made of and the benefits that each one of them provide.

Trick Your Child into Eating Healthier Food Picture Trick Your Child into Eating Healthier Food Picture


Most people don’t know that not only meat contains proteins. In fact the human body absorbs animal originated proteins much harder than it absorbs the plant proteins. It means that beside meat which is rich in proteins we can eat, and of course feed our children, with a large variety of vegetables that will provide this kind of nutrients for us. The proteins are the food of the muscles, that’s why they are highly important. The nutritional requirements for children for this kind of nutrients may vary from 30 grams per day to 100 grams per day. Pay attention that every main meal that you child contains proteins one way or another. It may be meat, beans, soy, peas, tomatoes, you choose.


It’s important to make our children eat fruits because they provide the vitamins so much needed for our body’s processes. The detoxification process is accelerated by the vitamins that we eat. Children who don’t eat fruits and vegetables have a higher tendency to accumulate toxins and to get fat. So make sure you’re getting him used to eating fruits. If he likes sweets try to give him pineapple or ripe bananas and make him eat them with a spoon. The fruits and vegetables also serve as fiber providers which can adjust the intestinal transit to its normal state.


Make sure to include in your child’s diet the whole grains. The easiest way to include them in his diet is to make him eat whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, brown or wild rice or even popcorn. The whole grains provide energy for a long period of time due to their slow digestion process.

Milky Basic Nutritional Providers

The dairies still play a very important role in their diet because the growth process hasn’t finished for them and they need a lot of calcium in order to have strong bones. Eating milk and milk derivatives are some of the most ancient nutritional requirements for children and depriving them from these foods is not a smart choice. The mother must try to include in a child’s diet as many diaries as she can, for example the snacks can be constituted of fruit yogurt. It’s good to encourage your child to drink low-fat dairy products because this way he will get the amount of calcium that his body needs but without the calories which could make him fat.