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Prepare Yourself for Having Healthy Babies

25 Feb Posted in Health, Newborn Health

If getting yourself pregnant was a long awaited event or it just happened spontaneously then one thing is for sure: you must take care of you in a special way from now on. Now that you’re a mother you must understand that you don’t only have to take care of yourself but of your children also. You must adjust to the definition of being a mother, which is the status of a person who takes care of her children. Some women have the maternal spirit very developed and put into practice these pieces of advice very naturally while others are against medical advice. If you don’t feel anything special yet about having a baby, you must have patience with yourself and still fallow these simple suggestions in order to enjoy your healthy babies later.

Prepare Yourself for Having Healthy Babies Picture Prepare Yourself for Having Healthy Babies Picture

Once you find out that you are pregnant you must go and see the doctor as soon as possible. It’s necessary to have someone guide you through the whole process both physically and emotionally.

You must also eliminate the environmental dangers. If a while ago you were against medical advice and you thought that excessive health care is only for the sickly, it is time to change this attitude. This may consist in some biologic agents or radiation. If you live in a highly polluted area you could take into consideration installing a whole house water filter system and a whole house air purifier system. Not everyone can afford this kind of home and lifestyle improvement but if you do then now it’s the most appropriate time to  invest in such systems.

Take care of your emotional health. You may feel mentally different so don’t force yourself to keep your inter-relational standards as high as if you weren’t pregnant. You must lower your expectations regarding your capability to understand the intentions of other persons and let them know your limits. Talk to them. Ask them to be kind and understanding but also do not exaggerate. Do not take advantage of your pregnancy so you can be extra spoiled! Spoiled would be enough. Go to special classes for pregnant women, join clubs and talk about your experience.

Take care of what you eat. Healthy babies grow in healthy tummies. You must be aware of the fact that everything that your body absorbs from the environment will eventually transform into your child’s nutrition. It depends on you if you allow this nutrition to do him harm. You must eat healthy foods, hydrate enough, avoid drinking alcohol or coffee. Quit smoking or at least put it on pause. If possible help your body adjust to the pregnancy by taking some prenatal supplements.

Rest well and don’t be ashamed if you feel the need to take many breaks. It’s normal to feel tired almost all the time except the time when you’re asleep.

Being pregnant doesn’t have to transform you into a sedentary person. Healthy babies have healthy mommies. Do exercises during the pregnancy to help you stay in shape and maintain your physical tonus.