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Natural Cures for Insomnia

15 Mar Posted in Active Lifestyle, Health

Based on the studies made by the National Sleep Foundation, 40% of adults suffer from a sleep disorder, and 15% of them have chronic insomnia, a condition that prevents people from falling asleep a few nights in a row. If you are used to going to bed at decent hours, but you can’t keep your eyes closed, your mind is racing and you can’t seem to find a comfortable position for sleeping, you must start taking action against insomnia. Left untreated, this sleeping problem can cause diabetes and increase the risk of developing a heart disease. Furthermore, it can reduce immunity, and it can even make you put on weight. Here are some natural cures for insomnia that will help you get the rest that you crave.

Natural Cures for Insomnia Picture Natural Cures for Insomnia Picture

Try aerobic exercise

Many studies have shown that people with insomnia were able to fall asleep faster after working out. Furthermore, it has been proven that aerobic exercise has the capacity to induce sleep and to improve mood, providing the body with the level of energy that it needs to function in a proper way. Furthermore, an active lifestyle can help people deal with less daytime tiredness and it eliminates the risk of depression. The explanation might be that during aerobic exercise, endorphins are released in the body, promoting relaxation and a more profound sleep. However, if you don’t prefer this type of activity, you can also try yoga and meditation to allow your muscles to unwind and prepare for a good rest.

Keep your bedroom cool

According to experts, a low temperature can increase sleep quality. Research shows that when insomniacs wore a special equipment that was designed to lower the temperature of their body, they fell asleep almost as fast as study participants who didn’t have sleeping problems. The cooling equipment used in the study reduced brain activity, relaxing the body and inducing sleep. Therefore, keeping your bedroom cool might represent a great solution for getting more rest. Another way to enjoy a cool sleep is to invest in bamboo pillows and sheets. Bamboo has great thermal properties that allow it to remain cool, unlike cotton which easily gets warm, forcing you to wake up several times a night to switch to the cooler side of the pillow. Go to if you wish to see which are the best rated bamboo pillows.

Use Alteril, an all natural sleep promoter

Most people avoid taking sleeping pills because they are afraid of becoming addicted to them, but with Alteril, you have nothing to worry about. You will see that this sleep aid contains only ingredients that are 100% natural and that have the role to reduce tension and eliminate stress. Furthermore, it has ingredients that we can find in many plants and dairy products, so it can be seen as a supplement that can provide your body with what it needs to tell the brain when to rest. You can see for yourself that this treatment doesn’t cause any side effects, so you can be confident that it will only help you beat insomnia and maintain a healthy lifestyle.