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Natural Beauty Remedies for a Healthy Body

01 Sep Posted in Beauty Remedies

Why should we spend a lot of money on beauty products when we can take care of ourselves with some natural beauty remedies.  All the cosmetic products that we buy contain chemicals that do harm to our body. For every little thing that we want to fix to our body we resort to unnatural products. Here is a list of natural beauty remedies that don’t have chemicals and that are very easy to try anytime.

Natural Beauty Remedies for a Healthy Body Picture Natural Beauty Remedies for a Healthy Body Picture

Healthy skin

A facial mask can bring many benefits to your face skin. You can prepare your own facial masks at home. Depending on your skin type you can choose it for moisturizing your skin, cleansing your skin, tightening the pores or detoxing. If you’re looking for a moisturizing facial mask than a banana facial mask would be lovely for you. Just take half of well mashed banana combined with two spoons of honey and with one spoon of water. Mix it properly until you obtain a smooth paste. Spread the paste on your face and wait for at least 10 minutes for the vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.  Another moisturizing mask is obtained by combining half of avocado with half cup of plain yogurt and a quarter of a cup of honey. This mask is good for your skin especially in the winter time. If you want to cleanse your skin and tighten the pores then you need a lemon facial mask that can help you exfoliate and moisturize your face. You have to mix the juice from 1 lemon with a quarter of an olive oil or sweet almond cup.

Healthy and rich eyelashes

Most women can’t imagine leaving the house without putting some makeup on. Out of all the makeup products available on the market, the mascara is by far the most commonly used. Since the eyes are considered to be the soul’s mirror, it is no wonder that all women want to have luminous eyes surrounded by luscious lashes. Nevertheless, the constant use the mascara can harm the lashes, causing women to use even more mascara and thus, enter a vicious cycle. If you can bear the thought of giving up mascara for a few weeks, your lashed will be very grateful as they could certainly use the break. Moreover, in this period, you can use a lash growth serum in order to strengthen your lashes. With consistent use of a good lash growth serum, you might never need to wear mascara again. If you want to learn more about lash growth serums, visit the website.

Healthy skin

Use the coffee ground as a face or body scrub. Combine it with coconut oil to also moisture your skin while it does the scrubbing. You can also use sugar instead of coffee ground but you will will not be able to deposit this scrub mix for a long time since the sugar will dissolve.

Healthy hair

Did you know that you can lighten your hair color by washing it with chamomile tea and lemon juice? Yes, they are natural beauty remedies for beautiful hair. If you are brown-haired and you want to obtain again that lighter hair color that you had it in the summer time then this trick is for you. Wash your hair with chamomile tea and lemon juice after having shampooed your hair. Wait 10 minutes than rinse your hair afterwards. Repeat the action until the desired result. When you’re done apply an olive oil mask then rinse. If you are looking for a healthy glow you can give a final beer and vinegar rinse to your hair.