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Medical Conditions Caused by Use of Mobility Scooters

02 Aug Posted in Health

Being a person with a disability can sometimes mean completely depending on someone or something to help you get through life and survive. People who face the impossibility of moving from one place to another, both indoor or outdoor, consider the mobility scooter a priceless help and a trustful companion that gives them a feeling of independence. However, like in many other cases, things that offer help and comfort can also have disadvantages and can sometimes do more harm than good. Recently, we heard some interesting medical news regarding the effects of mobility scooters on their user’s health and we decided to dig deeper into the matter and see where the truth lies.
Medical Conditions Caused by Use of Mobility Scooters Picture Medical Conditions Caused by Use of Mobility Scooters Picture

A priceless help for the disabled

The mobility scooter is an electrical machine that allows disabled people to move around their house or perform activities they would normally be unable to perform on their own, such as going to the market or visiting a friend. Unlike the wheelchairs, the mobility scooter is electrically powered and can have three or four wheels, being very easy to maneuver. If you don’t know much about these mobility aids, find more mobility scooter reviews that can help you determine whether or not these devices would aid you and what would be the best model for your needs.

Commodity in healthy people

One disadvantage the mobility scooter has on health is that it can be used even by persons who have slight handicaps or simply feel pain in walking, thus becoming more of a caprice for those who would normally be able to walk, but prefer the commodity of the scooter. Furthermore, disabled people give up on any other moving possibility and use the mobility scooter even on short distances or in cases when they could walk, which shortens their healing or health-improving chances.
Medical Conditions Caused by Use of Mobility Scooters Picture Medical Conditions Caused by Use of Mobility Scooters Picture

The lack of exercise can create serious health problems

It is true that people who suffer from mobility scooters don’t have the luxury of being able to exercise. Nevertheless, without needing a medical recommendation in purchasing a mobility scooter, many people decide to use one even if their health doesn’t particularly require it, or extend the usage time, therefore abusing its help and transforming it into a harmful item. On the other hand, people with slight disabilities prefer to constantly use this machine, thus reducing the amount of exercise they perform, which can have severe repercussion on health. Some interesting medical news reported the results of various studies that showed that the sedentary can lead to severe joint and bone problem, as well as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes.

The mobility scooter is not extremely safe drivable

Another demerit of the mobility scooter is that the persons who will use it do not need any kind of driving license nor they receive any opportunity to exercise the driving before daring to handle the machine on the road. Although the majority of the models go to only 10 km/h, many persons driving a scooter were involved in road accidents due to the lack of experience, the negligence or the old age.