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Keep Your Child Safe Wherever You May Travel

18 Apr Posted in Health, Newborn Health

For some people traveling can be the most beautiful thing on Earth. Things don’t have to change when children appear in their life because even though it’s not as carefree to travel with children, for sure it’s more fun. The parents preoccupy themselves a lot for the health of their children and this permanent care sometimes may occupy too much memory space in their heads. Have in mind these simple pieces of medical travel advice and you will be more relaxed when you go on a holiday with your children.

Keep Your Child Safe Wherever You May Travel Picture Keep Your Child Safe Wherever You May Travel Picture

Travel sickness

Children have the tendency to get motion sickness more than the adults. If you see that your child is turning pale ask him if they feel hot flushes. These are the premature signs of the travel sickness. In order to avoid the installation of travel sickness, make sure you have with you some anti-sickness remedies which can be bought from any pharmacy. Do not let your child’s stare at moving objects such as waves or other cars. Instead teach him to look ahead and fix an imaginary dot a little above the horizon line. During traveling you must avoid giving your child heavy foods or too much water. If your journey takes much time try to take a break and have some fresh air once in a while. A good medical travel advice would be to make sure you have some lemons or some ginger with you since they diminish the probability of having motion sickness.

Road transportation

It would probably be a lot easier for you to have a child carrier with you instead of a stroller. Think about the advantages and disadvantages. If you plan to take long walks with your children then a child/baby carrier would be a great choice.

Pool safety

Kids love to play with water. You must take special care of them when they are near a pool. They are not capable of perceiving the danger of drowning. You must keep an eye on them all the time and make sure they don’t go into deep waters.  You must have a SPF cream with you and use it for the parts of the body that the clothes cannot cover. If your children are wearing a bathing suit then make sure you moisturize their skin regularly every two hours.

Travel health kit

Another very important medical travel advice is to make sure that you take with you a travel health kit when you leave the house. It is very handy and useful in case of minor injuries such as a cut, an insect bite or a sting and you never know what else could come up.