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Is Hair Dye Dangerous for Your Health?

30 Sep Posted in Health

Dyeing your hair may have a beautiful strong impact on your hairstyle but how safe is it to do it on a regular basis? How powerful are the chemicals that it contains? If you were planning to put into practice some blonde and red hair color ideas then you should pay more attention to what kind of products you use to achieve a particular look. Although these products are nicely packed, make sure you check the ingredients list on the bottom of the label.

Is Hair Dye Dangerous for Your Health Picture Is Hair Dye Dangerous for Your Health Picture

What can you get from dyeing your hair

If you dye your hair without carefully listening to the instructions of the product, you might wake up with a severe allergy, blisters, hives or even breathing difficulty. There are some studies that have related the use of the personal hair dye to cancer development, but these studies have conflicted results. These products contain dangerous substances which, if used incorrectly they could lead to serious health damages such as leukemia, bladder cancer or rheumatoid arthritis. Hairdressers are more predisposed towards these diseases since their skin has more time to absorb the harmful chemicals from the dyeing products. The black hair dye is the most dangerous among these type of products, that’s why instead of becoming a brunette, maybe you should consider some blonde and red hair color ideas. Depending on how sensitive your immune system is, such product could trigger serious reactions such as rash, swelling, itching, burning or redness of the skin. You must not ignore these reactions of your organism since this is the only way of it telling you that those products do it harm. Some health experts say that you can reduce the risk of cancer if you start dyeing the hair after it becomes gray.

Risk chemicals

We present to you a few chemicals that most of the dyeing products contain and the potential harm that they could do to your body.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

This is a corrosive chemical that is found only in products that are supposed to bleach your hair. If you think about some tests conducted on animals that have shown a link between the exposure to this substance and the damage of the nervous system, digestive system and lungs, suddenly a dramatic change of look doesn’t seem such a good idea anymore. In some countries such as Canada and Japan, the hydrogen peroxide is illegal to be added to personal care products.


Some studies show that inhaling persulfates is capable of causing lung damage and even asthma. In order to diminish this risk make sure you properly clean the surrounding area after you have finished dyeing your hair.


This chemical is responsible for the risk of developing bladder cancer. Long exposure to it may cause breathing difficulties and long-term asthma.


Resorcinol is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. What does it mean? It means that it can interfere with the normal production of bodily hormones and it can cause problematically high or low levels of certain hormones. Hypothyroidism may be caused by long exposure to resorcinol. This condition implies depression, extreme fatigue, widespread pain and unwanted weight gain.


Ammonia is bad for you especially if you suffer from asthma because it tends to exacerbate your preexisting breathing problems.

Precautions when dyeing your hair

You should have in mind a few safety tips when dyeing your hair.

  • You must follow the instructions as they were designed, don’t leave the dye on your head longer than it needs to stay – this may ruin your color and could do damage your health too.
  • You must rinse your scalp very well after you have finished dyeing your hair.
  • Protect yourself by wearing some safety gloves.
  • Don’t mix different hair dye products since you don’t know what it could happen!