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Insomnia Symptoms and Treatment

17 Mar Posted in Health

If sleep is so important for our health, then why sometimes we are not able to sleep for a long period of time? The fact of not sleeping directly affects certain essential areas of our daily life. Actually, we can say that this disease controls our life. The reasons for insomnia are numerous. We will explain them in this article. Also, we’ll give you some strategies to successfully implement in your life.
Insomnia Symptoms and Treatment Picture Insomnia Symptoms and Treatment Picture


You should know that insomnia is a serious problem that will affect many parts of your life. The fact of not having to rest for three, four or six days in a row has a direct impact on our health. However, it’s not always easy to identify the symptoms of insomnia. So how do you know if you really suffer from insomnia?
The main reason is that you find it difficult to rest each night and it is not for five or six individual days in the month, no, this is something that often repeats.

  • You get up very early and we also get up from bed many times during the night
  • You wake up tired
  •  You are experiencing irritability, anxiety, and even sadness
  • There is a feeling of fatigue; your movements are slow throughout the day
  • You can not focus; you forget some things
  • You can have small accidents
  • You are suffering from gastrointestinal problems
  • The thought of bedtime causes you  anxiety


  • Manage your problems, your worries and anxieties. Do not bring back these three elements before going to sleep. Sometimes you can not avoid them because it is who you are, but at least try to reduce the level of these anxieties when you are in bed.
  • Go to sleep at the same time every time.
  • Avoid too heavy dinners. After eating at night, drink a chamomile or passionflower tea, which provide a good night’s rest. If you do this constantly, in the end your body will get used and it will be much easier to find rest after drinking these teas.
  • Avoid going to sleep with your computer or your phone. Leave them aside two hours before bedtime. Otherwise, they will keep you awake all night.
  • Before going to bed, take a hot bath or a relaxing shower.
  • Try not to nap during the day. Exercise or practice a sport and you will be more tired at the last hour of the day. Your urge to close your eyes really helps you to sleep!
  • Insomnia can be reduced and treated with the administration of certain medication. If you’re trying to learn about a natural alternative to sleeping pills which contain chemical substances, you can opt for Alteril Sleep Aid. Alteril is an all natural sleeping pill, which contains Melatonin (sleeping hormone), L-tryptophan (amino-acid) and Valerian root. These 3 ingredients are extremely efficient and have been used for years to fight against insomnia.