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How Important Are Proteins for a Good Healthy Diet

01 Nov Posted in Active Lifestyle, Health

Do you want to have a great body shape, eat good food that tastes good and that will also make you lose fat and stay fit? You may ask yourself how may that be possible. As soon as you understand some basic principles for a good healthy diet you can replicate them over and over depending on the needs that your body has.

For every meal that we eat we must take into the consideration the following percentages of nutrients that our food needs to have: 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent proteins and 30 percent fat. This mixture of nutrients fully satisfies the needs of a normal organism. A bodybuilder’s body will have other nutritional needs. The amount of every type of nutrient has its own predetermined important purpose.  The proteins are very important since they are the least satisfied nutritional component of a meal. The notion of protein can be very misleading. For nutritional purposes our bodies need proteins in order to feed themselves.

How Important Are Proteins for a Good Healthy Diet Picture How Important Are Proteins for a Good Healthy Diet Picture

The muscles are made from proteins and the proteins that we eat constitute the food of our muscles. If our daily diet is poor in proteins then our bodies will start to lose weight. It’s not a good healthy weight loss because it’s due to the decrease of the amount of our muscles. The muscles need to be fed no matter if we eat proteins or not. For the days when our diet is poor in proteins our muscles feed themselves with the proteins of some close neighbor muscles.

In order to have a good healthy diet we must take care of the amount of the proteins that we eat. If we want to lose weight we can eat less carbs and fat, but never eat fewer proteins. We must eat at least 0.8 gram per kg of body weight in order to maintain our muscle mass. If we want to lose weight we must eat more proteins per day.  No matter if you are a vegetarian, try to keep an eye to the amount of proteins that you eat. There are many vegetable aliments that constitute important sources of proteins such as sun-dried tomatoes, soybean sprouts, grapes, green peas.

In order to meet the amount of proteins that your body needs, you have the option to drink some protein shakes. They are very appreciated among the people who have a continuous preoccupation for their health, weight and appearance.  A good healthy diet can be helped by some proteic shakes. Try to choose something that is famous and that uses natural ingredients for their products.