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Golf Health Benefits

11 Apr Posted in Active Lifestyle

Golf is a sport where players hit a ball with a club in order to insert it in different holes placed on a golf course. This implies movement and exercise, which are a great help in maintaining your health. Here are some benefits that golf can offer for your health and body shape.

Golf Health Benefits Picture Golf Health Benefits Picture

The advantage of being an outdoor sport

Any kind of sport is good for your health, especially if it is an outdoor sport, because the combination of exercise and fresh air helps your body detoxify. Outside sports keep you moving, as they force you to jump, run and lean almost permanently. The sports practiced in nature involve the mobilization of a greater number of muscle groups than ordinary gym equipment training, such as the stepper or the treadmill. The fresh air improves the quality of your sleep, releases the pressure and stress and prevents fatigue, depression and cardiovascular problems.

Golf implies a lot of walking

Golf is a sport that requires moving a lot on the golf course, due to the fact that you have to follow the ball after each hit. The coordination of your movements improve muscle tone and endurance and can also mean better focusing and attention.

Golf can do wonders for your health and your heart. Walking an average course for a round of golf a few times a week can represent an optimal amount of exercise for your heart, therefore next time you play golf you can skip a cart ride and walk on the course. Pulling and carrying your clubs can also mean more muscle activity.

In the old days, golf players would calculate the distance to the hole by pacing it. Nowadays they use rangefinders, which calculate the distance on their own and so players don’t have to walk so much, which is not necessarily a good thing, but it sure is easier and more comfortable. Moreover, rangefinders are essential golf tools that can greatly improve a player’s game as they provide accurate course readings. You can find more information on the best rangefinders on the market on If you do decide to purchase such a gadget, thus reducing your walking time, you must find other ways of exercising on the golf course such as stretching, swinging your hips, rotating your body and bending over as much as possible during the game.

You can lose weight and body fat through golf

As the majority of the sports do, golf can help you reduce your weight and body fat due to the fact that you exercise, you train your muscles, burn calories and fasten your metabolism, which leads to a slimmer figure and less fat.