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Detox Cocktail Recipes

23 Oct Posted in Health

Healthy nutrition has become a trend and more and more people have started to show interest in how to have a proper diet and how to clean their body from all the harmful toxins they have assimilated. Even Hollywood celebrities have been spotted sipping from a green or yellow smoothie made of fresh fruits and vegetables, with curative properties. If you too are interested in naturally detoxifying your body without taking any pills, read these detox cocktail recipes and see which one will become your favorite.
Detox Cocktail Recipes Picture Detox Cocktail Recipes Picture

Pomegranate, pineapple, and lemon juice

Being a great detox food, the pomegranate has gained popularity recently and it’s been inserted in many detoxifying recipes along with other purifying fruits. Mix pomegranate with pineapple for sweetness and add a touch of lemon juice for some vitamin C and you will have a delicious detox cocktail that will revitalize your metabolism.

Green smoothie

If you want to add greens to your diet, but you are not fond of their tastes, you can easily turn them into a tasty drink. Take a cucumber, some spinach, broccoli and some collards and mix them in a blender, then add some lemon juice to balance the tastes. Drink the mixture to offer your body plenty of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, while detoxifying it.
Detox Cocktail Recipes Picture Detox Cocktail Recipes Picture

Citrus and green tea

Green tea has set a benchmark as far as antioxidants go, so this cocktail will be a boost of detoxification, and by adding citrus fruits you will also get plenty of vitamins. To add some taste and sweetness, also mix a banana that contains potassium and fibers, and some fresh Greek yogurt for proteins. This drink will purify your body and will provide it with essential nutrients that will speed up your metabolism.

Turmeric and ginger detox cocktail

Turmeric is an excellent detoxifying spice that helps your liver to eliminate all the toxic chemicals it processes. The ginger is also a great cleanser and with a drop of lemon juice and cayenne pepper you will active your body’s senses. Boil the ingredients to make sure all the nutrients and vitamins are equally dispersed.
Detox Cocktail Recipes Picture Detox Cocktail Recipes Picture

Blueberries, banana and cranberries smoothie

This recipe is great for any moment of the day when you want to have detoxifying foods and the overall effect is that you will get a great combination of flavors and nutrients. The blueberries are the main detoxifying ingredients, helped by the potassium and fiber of the banana, followed by the cleansing effect of the cranberries.

Preparing delicious and healthy cocktails is a lot easier than it seems. However, if you don’t know which ingredients go well together, you can find some inspiration on where you will find numerous yummy cocktail recipes.